How do I take the Challenge?

Students and Young Canadians Aged 12 to 18

  1. Create a profile or log in. View your test scores and update your profile anytime.
  2. Take time to read relevant articles on The Canadian Encyclopedia before taking the Challenge.
  3. Click Start the Challenge in your profile. You have 15 minutes to answer 20 questions.
  4. Share your results on Facebook or Twitter – especially if you're a 100% Club Member.

Over 18?

Take the shortened Citizenship Challenge to see how well you know Canada! Be sure to share your results on Facebook or Twitter—especially if you’re a 100% Club Member!

Teachers and Group Leaders

  1. Create a profile or log in. Your account will help you find and track all your information, including delivery addresses and students' past scores.
  2. Register for the Citizenship Challenge by adding new classes or re-registering previous groups. Teachers who register multiple classes are eligible for bonus prizes.
    You can take the Challenge using:
    • PDF versions of this year’s quiz. Download and print the quizzes and learning tools from your profile.
    • A Class ID you share with students to use when signing up individually online.
  3. If the Citizenship Challenge has been taken in class, input the results online. If students have completed the test online, watch the results come in automatically.

Have specific questions or requests? Email us.